Stefanie Hoevermann & Hans-Joachim Eggert

“Because we believe a picture is more than a thousand words!”
YOUR PHOTOGRAPHERS combines sightseeing and vacation photography photo sessions in Berlin.

Our mission is to make your trip unforgettable. Why? Because we ourselves are travel enthusiasts and we find that there are no better souvenirs than photos that make your trip come alive again every time you look at them.

Today there are more possibilities than ever to capture, store, present and review the best moments of your past trips. One click or grab your album off the shelf and time traveling can start. There is nothing more joyful and inspiring for future planing than pausing your daily routine and bring alive your memories.

The idea of our BERLIN photo session was born in 2014 when Stefanie accompanied several Paris photographers offering photo sessions for individuals, families and couples all around Paris. Stefanie was born in what used to be the eastern side of today's German capital, and experienced the development and changes Berlin has undergone over the past few decades. Just like Achim who - although coming from Brandenburg - has been living, working, and calling home this beautiful city for the past 15 years. For many years Stefanie and Achim developed their photographic skills independently: Achim in the field of documentary photography, and Stefanie in portrait photography. Since 2015 more and more interfaces emerged in their work and they decided to merge their competences of portrait and documentary photography to create a memorable experience for their clients - your BERLIN photo session.

Your photographers Stefanie Hövermann Berlin Travel Business Photography
Your photographers Hans-Joachim Eggert Berlin Travel Business Photography