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Berlin photo session Gift Card. Not just for Christmas a good idea!

Gift Card for vacation photography - Berlin Photo Session

Life is about living, and living is a series of memories of all the precious moments you have experienced. Give a special gift to your loved ones with a Berlin photo session Gift Card, and take care of their memories from Berlin.

The Berlin photo session Gift Card will be provided as E-mail. Give us your name, the recipient’s name, and your personal message to them in up to 170 characters, and we will send the customized Gift Card to the lucky recipient on your behalf! Gift Cards may also be sent by post to you, for an additional cost to cover shipping expenses. 

The recipient of the Berlin photo session Gift Card gets all the important information and details of the package, their photo tour and our contact data to book the final tour. Unless you want to give them a tailored tour, the gift recipient can choose among our various offers or we customize together with them their tour that meets the conditions of the package.

How does it work:
• See all the photo session packages here and choose the one you like or pay an individual amount.
Write us an e-mail with the customization information for the card - your name, recipient’s name, and your personal message to them in up to 170 characters for the card, the package you have chosen, the e-mail address of the recipient- if you like us to send the card on your behalf, and the customized tour- if you like to give a special tour.
• We will send you an invoice for you to pay.

that´s it!

Each package includes: 
• a specified number of professionally edited pictures - the number depends of the package.
• high res pictures to download
• the 3 best of pictures of  the photo session delivered the same day to share with friends and family
• the full set of photo session pictures delivered within 48 hours

Enjoy the feeling of having made someone really happy!